Grey Mixon

& Chip


Working with Chip and learning more about cattle has been a lot of fun. I can’t wait for the show!

Show Life is a Great Life

Show Life is Hard Work

Chip needs to be fed every morning and every night. I also have to work with him all the time so he will be ready for the show.

Show Life is About Learning

Working with Chip taught me about responsibility, hard work, and the basics of expenses and business.

Show Life is About Family

I worked with Chip a whole lot but I still needed help from my family sometimes. With their help I have been able to keep up with my school work.

Show Life is About My Future

All the money that I make from my shows goes directly to my college fund. I haven’t decided what I want to go to school for yet, but I want to be prepared to afford school. 

New Lessons &
New Friends

Not only did showing teach me some great lessons, I also got to make some wonderful friends. Great people like Cori Hopkins helped teach me how to take care of my steer.

Support is a Key to Success

Thank you,
Sherry and David Sullivan
Sullivan & Greer PLLC, Certified Public Accountants
Thank you so much, Sherry & David Sullivan and the entire team at Sullivan & Greer, PLLC!

Dear Uncle David and Aunt Sherry,

I appreciate you supporting all of the programs we have at the fair. It is nice that you always help the community. I appreciate you coming to the show and watching me. I was a little scared but with you there I felt more comfortable. And when I saw you bidding on my steer it made me smile. I am so lucky to have you in my life.


David and Sullivan & Greer, PLLC Certified Public Accountants have been serving Henry County and the surrounding area as a full-service accounting and tax firm for decades. They are avid supporters of numerous charitable organizations in and around Paris, TN. I was blessed with their support as the buyers of my steer, Chip, this year.

Thank you,
Dr. Chuck Lyons a.k.a. Papaw
Mineral Wells Animal Clinic logo

Dear Papaw and Nana,

Thank you for teaching me how to properly work with my steer. It was a lot of fun. He was a perfect animal. I’m thankful for you going through all the trouble cutting hay for me and getting me feed. It was nice having him right here in your barn too. I appreciate all the support you gave me and everything you taught me. 


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